Supplies List

Here is a list of supplies we need. The items in Bold are the biggest needs. 

A high priority are marble cover Composition Books; both Wide Rule and Classic Primary types, 24 count Colored Pencils, Boxes of #2 Pencils and Glue Sticks. Also needed are Pens, Paper, Three-Ring Binders (durable): 1½” or 2”, Rulers, Wide-Rule Notebook Paper, 24-count Crayons, Colored Pencils, Box of Tissues, Backpacks (no wheels please), Head Phones/Ear Buds, Calculator (*TI 34 Multiview, TI-84, TI Nspire, or TI Nspire CX), Gift Cards to Walmart/Target/Office Supply/Craft Stores (we or the teachers can purchase specific supplies as they are needed) , and of course Money (which we will use to buy needed supplies)

Please click the image below to view a downloadable Kingsport City Schools official list in PDF format, easy to download and print.